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Screenshots of the Landing Page of myOMERS


Is a secure web application that allows members to do administrative and financial tasks seamlessly from the comfort of their homes. Allows members to update communication preferences, check pension information, increase/decrease retirement contributions, access administrative documents and many more.

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Screenshots of Personal Date Night project landing page

Personal Date Night

Sometimes you just need a break from your partner but you already got a babysitter. Now couples can go to different events in similar locations and at the same time.

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screenshots of my Commuter Weather landing page

Commuter Weather

Do you sometimes wake up and are not sure if you should bike to work today due to weather? This application tells you what the weather will be like at the city of your choice and the time slot you are commuting in.

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screenshots of Who Wants to be a Developer landing page

Who Wants to be a Developer?

Test your Computer Science Trivia! A computer science focused trivia game in the format of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

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screenshots of the vanilla-js-mastermind project landing page


Put your logic skills to the test as you try to break the randomly generated code within 8 tries. Built using only vanilla JavaScript and zero dependencies.

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screenshots of the Remember the Number project landing page

Remember Your Number!

Average human can remember up to 7 digits. How many can you remember? This is a game that randomly generates numbers and asks the user to remember them.

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screenshots of Mind'n Soul landing page

Mind'n Soul

This project is a multi-page PSD conversion to a fully responsive site using HTML and CSS.

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